Getting Around in Cebu

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Several methods of travel exist in Cebu, however they’re mostly very individual methods and not public.

Rent A Cars

There are many companies that enable tourists to rent cars in Cebu such as Dollar, Flamingo, and Budget. The cars that can be rented and paid for on a time or distance basis. In many cases, the owner of the vehicle is not the company but is "hired" by the company, something that may be an advantage or disadvantage in the ease with which the cars can be rented. Also, it is suggested that tourists try to negotiate the prices of the rental cars as they can be lowered.


Taxis can be hired, but this is very highly discouraged. They are often filthy, do not perform well, and may be missing key parts such as seats or the air conditioner. If you must though, they recommend that you do not argue with your driver as they often carry firearms and recommend that you tip your driver if you end up stuck in a large amount of traffic or if your destination is out of the way where finding a fare for the return trip is most likely not going to happen.


These are very common and very cheap, about $0.10. They may get crowded due to their lack or expense but it may just add to the enjoyment of the experience. Tricycles or Trisikads, bicycles with side cars, are used only for short distances. One down side, however, is the large amount of noise they generate and as such they are not allowed into the main streets.


This is the only method of transportation within Cebu that is meant for many people to use at once. Buses are usually very cheap, around $2.50 per fare, and seat a decent number of people. They can be found at many areas around the city but especially at the airports or other areas where many people will need a form of transportation. One major company is D' Rough Riders Express.


 No one walks in Cebu, not even short distances. If you do decide to walk however, be careful as vehicles have the right of way and be prepared for incessant honking.

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