Festivals in Cebu

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Cebuanos are fun-loving people so it is but natural for the city to have a number resplendent and world-renown Cebu festivals throughout any given year.

One of the Philippines' grandest festivals and certainly Cebu's most famous, Sinulog is celebrated every third Sunday of January to honor the Señor Santo Niño de Cebú (Lord Holy Child of Cebu).  In essence, it is a dance ritual commemorating the Cebuano peoples' pagan past and their conversion to Christianity.

Lasting for nine days, the festival highlights participants in colorful costumes dancing to the rhythm of trumpets, drums and indigenous gongs.  On the dawn of the day before the Sinulog Grand Parade that marks the festival's finale, a Fluvial Procession takes place.  The Señor Santo Niño is ferried from Mandaue City to Cebu City on a boat decorated with candles and flowers.  The procession ends at the Basilica del Santo Niño church, where the christianization of Cebu is reenacted.

Kadaugan sa Mactan

Celebrated from the 22nd to the 27th of April in Punta Engaño, Kadaugan sa Mactan literally means "Victory of Mactan."  The festival is a weeklong tribute to the historic battle between Datu Lapu-Lapu, the Mactan chieftain and Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer.  

The festival features a musical production where bancas or canoes, representing Magellan's 3 ships, are lead up to the beach.  There, a reenactment of the planting of Magellan's Cross and Lapu-lapu's legendary victory takes place.

Tartanilla Festival

Held on the 12th of June, the Tartanilla Festival showcases the tarantilla, a horse-drawn carriage that is the oldest mode of transportation in the city.  The festival lasts for almost 2 weeks, coinciding with the celebration of the Philippines' Independence day.  

Tarantillas painted by fine arts students and festooned with accessories are driven along the streets of Cebu during the length of the festival.  The competing carriages are judged under several categories.  A special award for the Artist of the Year is likewise given away.

Mantawi Festival

The festival and Mandaue City, where it takes place, are named after a tree that flourished along the shores of Cebu.  Held every May 7th, the festival is a symbol of the city's history and its identity as an urbanized industrial center and a tourist destination.  

The festival's highlights include a parade of street dancers and dioramas exhibiting Mandaue's history and culture, floats of displaying local industries, higantes or giants who shaped the present Mandaue and a fireworks display that culminates the event.

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