Eating Out in Cebu

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After a tiring day exploring the famous attractions of Cebu, you will surely want to find a restaurant that offers a relaxing and satisfying dining experience. Since Cebu is a cosmopolitan city, it has a wide variety of cuisines for you to choose from. You can either try the native Cebuano cuisine or go for international food such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, American and others. Here are some of the most popular restaurants for different types of cuisines.

Native Cebuano

When you are in Cebu, you may be surprised to find that there are not many restaurants that serve Cebuano food. Actually, there are only a handful of restaurants in the city that offer authentic native cuisine. The Golden Cowrie offers some of the most delectable native food in Cebu, and it features a Filipino-themed décor that provides the ideal ambience for the enjoyment of Cebuano cuisine. Some of the specialties that you should try in this restaurant include the Tahong, Adobong Kangkong, Crispy Pata, Dinuguan and Tuna Fingers. Golden Cowrie has 2 locations, one in the SM City and another on Salinas Drive. The other native Cebuano restaurants in the city that are worth visiting include the Lighthouse, Chika-an sa Cebu, Barrio Fiesta and Patio Isabel.

Asian Cuisine

Many locals and tourists in Cebu also enjoy dining at Chinese, Japanese and Korean restaurants. If you are one of those who like Chinese food, you should go to the Ching Palace. This restaurant is one of the most opulent dining places in the city, and it offers a great selection of authentic Cantonese dishes. It is located on Salinas Drive, and you can get there by jeepney or taxi. If you want to check out other Chinese restaurants in Cebu, consider the Emperor’s Bowl, Lai Garden, Ocean Wok and the White Gold House.

The finest Japanese restaurant in the city is probably the Yumeya Kihei, and other options include Kaishu, Senryu and Han-nya. For Korean food, you can visit the Godonri, Hanggang and Noodles House.

Continental and American Cuisine

European and American cuisines are also widely available in Cebu. If you are in the mood for Italian cuisine, you can go to the La Tegola in Banilad, Guiseppe, Il Sole and La Buona Forchetta da Paulo. For French food, the Chateau de Busay and Lucy’s are highly recommended. You may not be able to find authentic American restaurants in Cebu, but there are a few places that serve delicious American food. These include the Dessert Factory, Eddie’s Hotel and David’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant.


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The Jungle Restaurant and Cultural Entertainment Center

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The Jungle Restaurant and Cultural Entertainment Center Offering Dinner and Filipino Cultural / Variety Show / Fire Eaters and Fire Dancers. Located very close to all the Beach Resorts of Mactan Island, it serves as a great tourist attraction for anyone wanting to experience the Local Cuisine and watch Native Filipino Dance Show.

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accessibility:Easy access on Main Road
tel:032 580 1904
address:Bagumbayan, Maribago
PriceOfMenu:P 600 to P 1000
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