Day Trips in Cebu

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Whether you are a seasoned traveler or are barely getting the hand of this amazing hobby, you will find Cebu City to be a place full of wonders. Cebu is a place that needs to be given at least a week to visit. However, if you only have a day to go to Cebu take one of the many Cebu day trips.

Start the Day by Eating Local Cuisine

The Queen City of the South is a great place to find good food, fashion and entertainment. There is a mixture of many different cooking styles like Korean, Italian and Japanese restaurants in the area. But as the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” You can try some of the local food to kick off your day. The Terraces in the modern Ayala Center can offer you a chance to taste the local food.

Venturing to Ayala Center

Ayala center has lots of recreational opportunities for kids and grownups. The Terraces can offer a time for leisure and rest while enjoying many different styles of food. Ayala Center is as modern as any other mall found in the big city and people are sure to spend a good time shopping and eating there.

Beaches of Cebu

The beaches of Cebu City are the crown of the Queen City of the South. Many of the Cebu day trips cannot be complete without visiting the beaches. How does having a taste of the breeze while being showered by the sun sound? In Cebu that is possible. There are many different underwater activities like snorkeling or visiting the local coral reef. The greatest part of all that there are many beach resorts with first-class services and many offer activities for tourists.

Lapu Lapu Monument

One of the many day trips in Cebu needs to include a visit to the Lapu Lapu monument. This monument is the pride of the city and the country. Here the people of the Philippines commemorate the defense of their country and their culture by their hero Lapu Lapu.

Visiting Cebu’s Cultural Center

Here you can get a feel of the Cebuano way of life. You can see many different dances, native clothing and foods. This is a good place to close anyone of the many different Cebu day trips. People will appreciate the many different traditions that make up this wonderful country.

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