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Exotic Island Hopping in Cebu

Cebu cruises are one way to take advantage of your vacation to this province in the Philippines. Cruising the many 167 surrounding islands of Cebu is a coveted vacation experience for foreigners and locals alike. The many islands of Cebu boast of white sandy beaches and an award for being one of the best island destinations in the Indian Ocean-Asia region by the United Kingdom Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.

Banca Island Hopping

To cruise the many islands located in Cebu, you have to rent a local boat. There are three types of boats to choose from: the butete, Tagalog for "tadpole", which can seat 10-15 persons, the bariles, Tagalog for "tuna", which seats 15-20 persons, and the butanding, a Tagalog word for "whale shark", which seats 30-35 persons. All of these crafts provide internet access, one free drink per person, towels, and a built in shower and CR. You can actually get quotes for the trip online, but an approximate cost for a 15-20 capacity boat with one destination would be around $500 maximum.


There are plenty of island destinations to choose from. You can opt to go to marine sanctuaries in Talima, Gilutungan or Nalusuan. In these marine sanctuaries, you can see a varied array of corals and reef dwellers in all their colorful glory. The cruise also offers snorkeling or diving equipment to better savor the undersea beauty. Fish feeding is also another activity that you can enjoy during the cruise. Depending on the time, place and food you are giving to the fish, you will have the surprise of seeing exotically colored and designed fish in their natural habitat.

The best way to experience Cebu is by going from one of the many islands to another. There are many things that people could do to experience it all like taking a ferry but taking one of the many Cebu cruises can make this experience a better one.

Visiting Different Islands

There are many cool things about going on a cruise. The main one aspect of taking a cruise is that you can go from one island to another with great ease. The other part is that most cruises offer guided tours of the island. You are allowed to enjoy the beauty and the attractions that each island has to offer to the many different tourists and visitors to the area.

Sometimes if you are lucky you can even arrange to have a romantic getaway for two. The boats have all the commodities that a person needs. They have lodging where people could relax on deck and also they could have alcoholic beverages. It is recommended that people drink with caution.

Recreational Activities

There are many other recreational activities that the many cruises in Cebu offer to tourist. Amongst them are diving. People could visit the coral reefs and visit the different marine sanctuaries of Cebu. When tourists go to a snorkeling site they might even be able to feed the fish.

Many other cruises offer guided tours of places such as Bohol or a guided tour of Cebu. When at Bohor people could visit Baclayong Church or even the Chocolate Hills. There are many different tourist guides that could show people around while giving them information about the past of the city. A guided tour of Cebu offered by one of the many cruises can take a long time. But it is so worth it. People could see the Taoist temple and Fort San Pedro.

It is good to make reservations when it comes to many of these cruises. Cebu has rain almost every month. However the hottest month of the year in Cebu is May. This does not mean that the whole trip has to be ruined. The sun still shines all year long and compared to the weather in the rest of South East Asia Cebu is not affected by the monsoon season.

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