Beaches in Cebu

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To many the word Cebu is a synonym for fun under the sun. There are many different beaches in Cebu. Most of these beaches are characterized by the cleanliness of their sands and the clarity of their waters. When it comes to beaches, Cebu is the place to be.

Badian Beach

Romance is in the air. For many in the Philippines this beach, located in the southern part of Cebu, is a prime location for romantic getaways. Here many people can enjoy from a great number of aquatic activities. There are lots of accommodations for tourists that do not cost a lot of money. Here you can find the many different accommodations that you can find in any other beach in the world but the sun and the ambiance makes a huge difference.

Mactan Beach

Mactan Beach is a very luxurious beach to visit. There are lots of upscale beach resorts where the most seasoned travelers could be pampered. This gives the perfect taste of luxury and comfort mixed with the tranquility that only nature could bring. You can imagine yourself spending the night in your luxurious suite while being outside in the sun and being bathed by the breeze of the sea. Mactan is a place full of history for the Philippines for it is here where the first Spanish conquerors first landed in the Philippines to later colonize it.

Tingko Beach

Tingko Beach forms part of Alcoy in Cebu. The setting of this beach is a deep lagoon that also has a coral reef. The view from this beach is almost paradisiacal. You can see the shore lined by coconut trees, and the shore with its white sands and crystal clear waters. One of the coolest accommodations for travelers and locals is campting because people can actually camp out on the beach. So if you are ever near this beach in Cebu do not hesitate. Grab your tent and camp out under the stars by the side of the sea!

Panagsama Beach

Panagsama Beach offers lots of aquatic activities. Tourists and visitors to the area can visit the Savedra Dive Center and can go out exploring the deep sea in no time. People can go deep sea diving and they can even swim with sharks. Do not worry there are lots of safety regulations and special protective gear both for diving and for visiting the sharks.

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