Cagayan de Oro City Travel Guide

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Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is a city right on the water facing Macajarlar Bay. It is the most highly populated and urbanized city in Northern Mindanao. The city is covered in beautiful nature with the southern end of the city covered in hills, mountains and plateaus ranges. Rivers and creeks run through the city creating a beautiful backdrop for the city an it's many travel opportunities. The people who live in Cagayan de Oro are often from Malay decent with a mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese and Maranao people. People who visit the city are often there to enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the city, join festivals and take time to enjoy the many recreational activities and attractions.


CDO is very interested in sports and have a lot of sporting arenas. They have places to get hiking equipment and different gyms and spas. Viajero Outdoor Center is a good place to go for city tours and different outdoor activities. Macahambus Adventure Park is another place for fun outdoor activities. Here you can try to walk the suspended bridge that's a hundred feet above the ground or take the zip line from the trees. Other fun recreational activities in the area are kayaking, whitewater rafting and tubing. Shopping in the area is also common. There are a lot of malls and shopping centers in the area offering mostly high end retail shops, but you can also find markets that sell homemade crafts and items.


Sights in the area are mostly nature that has been preserves. There are a lot of parks to enjoy the mountain ranges and beautiful waters. There are also sights of historical significance. Some of these sights include  the Macahambus Cave and Gorge  (the site of a historic battle), Plaza Divisoria (also known as Golden Friendship Park) and Gaston Park (place where first Spanish Settlement was established). Saint Augustin Cathedreal is another sight that is the cities major catholic church. The church was originally built in 1845 but was destroyed during the American Bombardment in 1945. The only thing that remains from the original cathedral is the wooden cross in the front.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels in the area are generally inexpensive but there are also resorts and other high end kind of lodging. The area also has many bed and breakfasts and independently run inns amongst any chain type hotels. Restaurants in the area are usually casual offering food that is popular for the area as well as international cuisine.

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