Things to do in Boracay

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Ariel's Point

Ariel's Point


Consider adding the things listed below to your Boracay things to do list. You might want to keep this list of things handy, so that you do not miss out on anything while on holiday here.

Beach Hopping

There are five main beaches in Boracay and every one offers different surprises. You can go beach hopping from one beach to the other and enjoy all the various activities that are available. You can swim in the crystal clear water or get a nice tan under the tropical sun of Boracay. Boat trips can be arranged for you; just ask the front desk officer of the hotel you’re staying at.

Water Sports Galore

The best spot for water sport activities is the Bulabog Beach, which is situated in the Eastern part of the Island. Here, you can go parasailing, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, skim boarding, sailing and kite boarding. Kite boarding is the most popular activity in Boracay, and the island was also tagged as Asia’s best kite boarding spot. There are numerous kite boarding competitions that take place in Bulabog Beach, especially from the months of November to March. You can also take kite boarding classes if you are unfamiliar with kite boarding. There are several places that offer kite boarding classes and equipment rentals all over Bulabog Beach.

Fire Dancing

Fire dancing is an exotic dance that is quickly gaining popularity, especially in the Island of Boracay. You can see fire dancers perform in different bars in Boracay, especially after the sun has set. You will be amazed at how performers skillfully throw, toss and dance with the fireballs. If you are bold enough, you can try fire dancing; you can ask some of the fire dancers to teach you the basics. If you are serious about fire dancing, there are formal schools offering fire dancing courses.


Boracay is also known for the non-stop parties and live music performances during the night. One of the things you should do while in Boracay is to enjoy the night at one of the popular nightlife venues. Most bars and nightspots in Boracay are situated within the Boat Station 2 area. The bars and nightclubs offer great food, a wide selection of drinks and wonderful entertainment. This is one destination where you can party all night long.

Kingfisher Farm

The Kingfisher Farm is the only theme park in Boracay. This humble theme park features traditional Filipino fish pens that hold local fishes like bangus, tilapia and more. You can either go fishing and grill your own food or play with your family or friends in the parks sports facilities. You can also explore the bonsai garden and mangroves around the area. Kingfisher Farm is located in Lugotan, Manoc-Manoc.

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Trip to Ariel's Point

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Ariel's Point
Ariel's Point
photo by: Olivid

Great adventure with famous cliff jumping, snorkeling, swimming, relaxing and just Great Fun! Tasty barbeque buffet lunch and unlimited drinks! Wow Experience!


Just a 30-minute motorized banca-boat, stimulating cruise away from Boracay Island to panoramic beauty of Ariel’s Point!



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address:Departures are almost daily at 11h30 am from Ariel’s House beach bar across from Boracay Beach Club in Station 1
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