Shopping in Boracay

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The Boracay shopping scene is always a treat to the tourists. The major shopping happens in a flea market atmosphere, spread across Boracay. Read on to find out more.


Head to Plazoleta, on the White Beach area, and explore the Django Leathercrafts. This is a store that makes and sells original local leather products. Every product here is handmade and unique. The bags make for a great buy. High quality leather is used to make these bags and they are adorned with beads stone and shells. You can also pick up several gift items like lamps, sarongs or local musical instruments like drums. Most of the items in this shop are made by the T'Boli tribe.

Boracay Book

You are in a beach town, and one of the favorite pass times while lounging on the beach is to read. If you wish to buy books, then Boracay Book is the right store for you. Located near the boat station in Plazoleta, this store carries a wide range of books. The bookstores in hotels and resorts are highly expensive. At this store, you can also trade old books and get new ones.


Experience the mall atmosphere in Boracay. This is the only mall in the whole area and is a great place to get your hands on local as well as international products. The Mall houses several eateries, where you can sample the delicious cuisine of Boracay. From beach wear to body cream and dry goods, this mall has it all. You get comfortable flip-clops at this mall and hit the Paulo Collections store to get your hands on trendy and inexpensive tees.

White Beach Path

This beach destination is famous for the numerous stalls that line the beach pathway. The White Beach Pathway offers the tourists several stalls that sell local items like beaded jewelry, inexpensive but beautiful sarongs and handicraft. The trinkets available here are beautiful and made of shells and beads. You can also get the traditional henna hand tattoo at one of the stalls here.


This is a wonderful island market that has a whole range of goodies for the tourists. A visit to this market will give you an understanding of the local culture. The market is filled with stalls and shops selling everything from clothes to high end jewelry. If you wish to buy pearls, this is the right place. There are several restaurants in this market that also sell locally produced spices.

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Paulo Collection Boracay

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Paulo Collection best place to shop in Boracay good quality and latest design of swimsuits,dresses,shirts,boardshorts,footwear

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