Nightlife and Entertainment in Boracay

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Boracay has a lively nightlife scene, and there is a wide variety of beach bars to choose from - from small, friendly places where you can relax, meet other travellers and chat to the popular late night venues where you can dance the night away under the stars.


Besides the great, white sandy beaches, you will definitely enjoy the exciting Boracay nightlife. What’s a holiday without partying? Here are a couple of places you can have a great times at after the sun goes down.

Cocomangas Shooter Bar

The Cocomangas bar is one of the most popular, first-of-its-kind bars in the Island of Boracay. It is located in Boat Station 1, just behind the main road. The bar is well-known for its oversized cocktails, called Jam Jars. Besides the drinks and frozen margaritas, you will surely enjoy Cocomangas’ home-made Pizzas. The bar has great music and a party atmosphere that keeps the crowd geared-up all night long. If you are bold enough, you could try Cocomangas’ “still standing after 15 shots” challenge.

Bom Bom and Pat's Bar

These are two different bars sharing the same location, atmosphere and crowd. Bom Bom and Pat’s Bar are both located in Station 2 in the D’Mall area. These bars have a native theme with driftwood chairs and beach bean bags placed all over the beach area. If you love reggae and Caribbean music, this is the perfect spot for you.

Cafe Del Mar

If you want a nice romantic place to spend the evening, Café Del Mar is the place to go. This is a bar/restaurant with a romantic setting. The café is perfect for couples who want to spend the evening away from all the noise. Café Del Mar is situated in Station 2, in the northern part of D’Mall. The bar/restaurant offers a wide variety of scrumptious foods and drinks. You will be able to sit back and enjoy the evening with some Mediterranean music in a nice romantic setting. You might want to try the café’s specialty, crab in rich coconut sauce.

Club Paraw

This is the most favored night spot in Boracay because of its location, great service and offerings. Club Paraw is located in Station 1 right along the white sandy beaches. You will surely enjoy the full bar and jam packed dance floor, as well as the live DJ’s performance and affordable drinks. If you come with your friends, you might want to try the Tower, which is a mix of different drinks and flavors, perfect for group partying; it only costs about $40. 

Charlh's Bar

Charlh’s Bar is located between Station 2 and 3, just along the main Boracay beach. If you are looking for a nice place to party late into the night or into the early hours of the morning, this is the place to be. There are live bands performing every night until the wee hours in the morning.


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Bom Bom Bar

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If you are tired or listening to the loud hip hop and R'n'B that seems to be the staple in Boracay, Bom Bom Bar is a refreshing alternative. The funky decor attracts an eclectic crowd of arty and musical people from all over the world. They play a mix of reggae and ethnic sounds, and have live music nightly.
The bar itself is very small, but there is a large garden area with unusual chairs and tables made from driftwood.

type:Beer Gardens
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address:White Beach, Boracay

Juice Bar

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Juice Bar is located on the corner of the Plazoleta (near station 2), the arts and crafts center of Boracay. It's in a pretty busy area so there's always something going on and plenty of people around. Occasionally the musicians who run the shops next door to Juice will treat you to a live tribal jam with bongo drums and native instruments, and sponsored events are also common around the Plazoleta.
The music tends to veer a heavily towards "R'n'B" but the decor is nice, and the staff are friendly. There are comfy cushions and beanbags more..

type:Clubs and dancing
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