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The discovery of the laguna copperplate inscription

the historical aftifect was found as a man dug sand from the mouth of the lumbangriver in laguna,he unearthed a wad thick metal as big as an ordinary magazine, its quite thick  in the shape of the leaves


he tried selling this to a collector but unable to do so....the collector didnt see any value to it,The man sold it to the national museum where sold it for only 2000php

the artifact remained at the national museumeven no one could decipher the writings

Decoding th inscription

in 1990,scholars of the national museum showed the artifact to antoon postma,postma,a long time resident of the country,was an expert on translating

acientsystems of writing in the philippines

according to postma,the laguna copperplate inscription was a portion of a collection  of writings from a certain head of tondo that containde the waiving of the debt of a certain Namwaran

and according to the record namwaran had a debt of 926.4 grams of gold

Namwaran has children was named may be that this name  had some connection to the town of gatbuka in bulacan

gat is also the term for datu

bukah may be a datu many years ago in that certain said town

he might be the datu of that town in bulacan(datu many years ago)

datu means the ruler of a certain society.



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