Nightlife and Entertainment in Yangon

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Yangon has an entertaining and eclectic nightlife that consists of discos, pubs, bars, strip clubs and karaoke restaurants. There are also some nice local dance performances and live orchestras along with a few artistic shows held at 5-star hotels. Here’s a guide to the nightlife and entertainment in Yangon.

Club Pioneer

This is one of the most popular and crowded government-owned nightclubs in the city, located inside the Yuzana Garden Hotel at 44 Sule Pagoda Road. This party destination plays great music and is frequented mostly by the well-heeled locals and tourists. The entrance fee is $10.

Mr. Guitar

This iconic bar, located at 22 Sayasan Street, Bahan, was started by a celebrated Burmese musician, and his legacy is still visible in the form of a superb live rendition of country music, rock n roll, and classic music. The in-house band is always in top form and there are enjoyable karaoke sessions to make the music scene more interactive. The quaint Mr. Guitar is still among the most hip and classy nightlife destinations in Yangon.


This is a popular hangout for the expatriate community of Yangon, located at BME 2. The place however shuts a wee bit early at 12:30 a.m. when the crowds head to BME 1 (near the university avenue) to continue the revelry. The crowd-puller here is the kitsch ambiance and the brash appeal coupled with great live performances by rock bands and a super collection of house music.  

Asia Plaza

Asia Plaza is an interesting discotheque in Yangon that organizes traditional dance shows and hip fashion shows, where pretty models parade in exclusive home –created collections. There are more than 10 fashion show groups that showcase a range of haute couture from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., depending upon the crowd and the demand. The place is comfortable and informal and has enough security guards to ensure that trouble makers are kept at bay.

The Zero Zone Rock Restaurant is another chic haunt that offers regular dance performances and fashion shows for its patrons.

Tea Shops

If the noisy and brash nightlife of Yangon’s clubs get to you, head straight to a quaint, traditional tea shop that is interestingly open till the wee hours of morning compared to the clubs, apparently because they don’t have to bother about curfews or deadlines. Enjoy a steaming hot cup of strong and flavorful milky tea and enjoy it with a variety of sinful pastries for very little money.

The best part of the nightlife is watching the people, lighted pagodas and bustling night activity on Yangon’s shining streets. Yangon has an interesting nocturnal profile that, though besieged with curfews, still manages to let its hair down while it can with its dance clubs, pubs, fashion-show organizing discos and karaoke bars.  

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JJ Club (Lucky Club)

On the 2nd Level

Admission fees - 4000 Kyats (Male)  Include a free drink*
                         1500 Kyats (Female)

A Fantastic place for girls hunting, great music and awesome sound effect no harm going onto the dance floor and have fun with the locals.
Enjoy one beer at 1500 Kyats.
The ratio there is 5 girls to 1 guy, so don't worry if you are thirsty.

Fashion shows at different timing, more..

type:Beer Gardens
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