Taunggyi Travel Guide

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Taunggyi is the administrative capital of Shan state and the 4th largest centre after Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyine. Taunggyi literally means 'big hill'-an understated description of the dramatic scarp slope on which the town stands. The capital of the Shan minority is always worth an excursion: The market place with its colourful dressed ethnic groups is a walking museum of the glory that was Shan. It is home to some of Myanmar’s finest cheroot factories and boasts an impressive local market.

The Taunggyi Museum or Shan State Museum contains good collection of tribal costumes, weapons and artefacts as well as a collection of antique opium weights and musical instruments (including a snakeskin guitar). Taunggyi is the Havana of Myanmar.

Taunggyi which is a city on the mountain. The weather is very cold when compare to the other parts of Myanmar. There are many beautiful places that is not so far from Taunggyi.

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