Nyangshwe Travel Guide

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If you come from Mandalay, you pass the hilltown of Kalauw where you can do some great hiking tours. Around this beautiful lake, you can find 200 towns, all relying on the water. You can also do nice hiking trips in the hills surrounding the lake.

What to do ?

Visit to the colourful market in the town center. When you arrive in town, don't forget to get a permit at the MTT, it'll cost 10 US$ for 5 days. Sometimes soldiers check your entry ticket. Inle Lake is beautiful. It's a place with a great atmosphere. We planned to stay 3 days and finally stayed 6 days. This is really a place for your "chill out" time. LAKE TOUR: we rented a boat in our hotel for a whole day to visit the lake (6 US$ for boat + guide). We visited: The floating market of Ywana A silver factory A longyi factory The famous Nga Hpe chaung paya or jumping cat monastery: beautiful old wooden monastery where the cat of the monks jumps in the air. The famous fishermen on the lake. A lot of other beautiful villages.

We also took a guide to take us to an Pa-o village and monastery, this is a 1/2 day walk up the mountain (take a lot of water). We were very welcome at the monastery and stayed with the monks and listened all afternoon at Chinese music. We payed 5 US$ for the trip. You can rent a bike for 1 US$ per day and drive around the beautiful area. The trip to Nanthe is nice. On the way you pass a catholic nursery home where you are welcome for tea. Other trekkings of several days are also possible.

Getting out

Our hotel owner arranged a ticket to Bagan for 3 US$ pp. We were stocked in a minibus for about 10 hours. The bus broke down, and afterwards part of the road was washed away by the rain. It's best to make reservations because sometimes these buses are full, and standing up for 10 hours can be deadly !!. You can also arrange buses to Mandalay, Taunggyi, Paya.

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