Festivals in Myanmar

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Officially Myanmar uses the 12-months lunar calendar, so the traditional holidays and festivals will vary in date from year to year. Dates of recently inaugurated holidays are fixed by the Gregorian calendar.

Festivals are very cheerful in Myanmar. They generally take place or culminate on fullmoon days but the presentation can continue for days. Often there is a country fair atmosphere about these festivals with lots of stalls and activities continuing all night long.


Independence Day is celebrated in the whole country (4th January / public holi-day).

Ananda Temple Festival in Bagan (28th January)


Union Day is celebrated with parades in Yangon (12th February / public holiday).


Thamin Ne Festival and Mahamuni Festival in Mandalay (01st March)

Shwedagon- and Kabaaye Pagoda Festival in Yangon (31st March)


Water Festival (Thingyan) and New Year Celebration (13rd - 17th April)

New Year (17th April)


Labour Day (1st May / public holiday)

Kason- and Full Moon Festival are held in honour of the Buddha at Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and with parades in the whole country (29th May).


Martyr‘s Day commemorating the assassination of Bogyoke Aung San in 1947 (19th July/public holiday).

Waso- or Full Moon Festival, the beginning of the buddhist lent (28th July).


The Shwezigon Pagoda Festival at Bagan (24th October).

Wearing / Fire Balloon Festival in Taungyyi

Phaungtaw-U Pagoda Festival, celebrated with great splendour at Inle Lake, boat races and parades being held at various places for about two to three weeks.


Tazaungdaing Festival or Light Floating Festival is particularly celebrated in the Shan states e.g. in Taunggyi - National Day (23rd November).


National holiday (03rd December)

Christmas Day (25th December / public holiday) Christians are celebrating the birth of Jesus nationwide.

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