Top 5 Must Do's in Malaysia

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Malaysia offers plenty of adventures and exotic experiences. Here are some Malaysia Must Do's.

Nine Emperor Gods Festival


The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is a Taoist celebration held in Penang from October 8 to 16 every year. The Jalan Raja Uda temple in Butterworth is the most popular venue for the festivities.

On the first day, the gods descend to the beach from the Big Dipper constellation and are escorted to the temple.
You’ll see 9 mediums in the temple channeling the gods. They pour boiling oil over themselves, pierce their cheeks with skewers, their backs with iron hooks, and walk on burning coals without harming themselves. In a trance, they answer the questions of devotees.  

Mount Kinabalu


Climb the highest mountain in Southeast Asia (13,432 feet) in the Kinabalu National Park. You don’t have to be an expert climber or need any special equipment, but you will need a climbing permit which you can buy in the park. It’s a 24-hour climb--up and down. The sunrise above the clouds is unforgettable.

The Malaysian Longhouse

Sarawak, Kuching

The longhouse is a traditional home built of wood and thatch. It has a beautiful decorative gabled roof and is supported on stilts about 30 to 40 feet high. A stay in one of these longhouses by the river is a great introduction to the culture and traditions of Malaysia. The entire tribe stays in 1 longhouse along with the chief.

The Orang Ulu longhouses in the Sarawak Cultural Village offer a unique experience. The hospitable Orang Ulu will invite you to join in the singing and rice wine drinking, and the food is delicious. Definitely one of Malaysia's Must Do's.

Alternatively, you could stay at the eco-friendly 5-star longhouse resort – the Hilton Batang Ai Resort on the Batang Ai Hydro Lake.

Pedas Hot Springs

Negeri Sembilan

The hot springs in the little town of Pedas are full of minerals and have a healing effect. At the Wet World Pedas Hot Springs Waterpark, you’ll find pools filled with water from these springs.

There's a reflexology pebble foot-bath and bathtubs are available if you prefer privacy. This place is perfect for some family fun.

Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur

Enjoy the panorama of the city below you from the dizzying heights of the tallest twin towers in the world (1,453 feet). This marvel of steel and glass was celebrated in the recent Hollywood movie, "Entrapment."

The beautifully designed building symbolizes Malaysia’s soaring successes. The ride in the double-decker elevator with a sky lobby transfer point on the 41st floor is a thrilling experience to add to your list of Malaysia's Must Do's.

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