Sights in Malaysia

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The gorgeous country of Malaysia is jam-packed with sightseeing opportunities ranging from the fascinatingly historical to the industrially significant. This Malaysia sights intro seeks to tell you a little bit about what's on offer around the nation so that you can make the right decisions about what to go to see.

The Capital's Attractions

Kuala Lumour, one of the youngest capital cities in Southeast Asia, has so much to offer in the way of sightseeing. A great place to start is the stunning Moorish architecture of KL Railway Station. Not far from there is the modernistic National Mosque with its characteristic umbrella dome and minarets. It dates back to only 1965 when Malaysia split from Singapore. The National Art Gallery is the primary place to check out contemporary Malaysian art and had its origins as the Majestic Hotel. For a completely unique architectural experience, check out the Sultan Abdul Samad Building with its mixture of Indian Muslim and Western Gothic styles, truly a wondrous edifice to behold. Any Malaysia sights intro would be incomplete without mention of the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest buildings in history that stand at 451.9 m and can be visited via a viewing deck at certain times of the day.

Historical Malacca

To really delve into Malaysia's rich colonial and pre-colonial past you must check out the sights at Malacca in the south of the mainland of the country. In this city you are spoiled with churches and cathedrals from the Portuguese imperial era. These include St Paul's, St Xavier's and St Peter's churches. You get a fully a multicultural and multi-religious experience here too with the Chinese Sam Po Kong Temple and Kampung Hulu's mosque which date back to the eighteenth century. If you're looking for bargain antiques amidst amazingly atmospheric streets then you must head down to Jonker Street, famous for its shopping.

Penang - the Jewel in the Crown

The attractive island state of Penang and its heritage city Georgetown are must-sees on any Malaysian travel itinerary. Easily the most attractive sight this Malaysia sights intro can suggest is the Kek Lok Si Temple, arguably the Statue of Liberty of Buddhism with its giant statue of Siddartha himself. Here you will also find a turtle pool, attractive tapestries and a major shrine complex that will surely impress anyone of any cultural persuasion.

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KLCC stands for Kuala Lumpur City Center and it is the modern center of the city, clustered with high rises. The easiest location to see from just about anywhere in the city is the Petronas towers, which stand at roughly the cetner of KLCC. These towers were once the tallest in the world and are not too far down the list today. They also remain the tallest set of twin high rises in the world. Unlike many tall buildings, roof or top-floor access is not granted to the public. Rather, there is an observation deck on the Sky Bridge - a bridge linking more..

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Those are both good points Shawn and James. It is all about lonkiog at it from a fresh perspective either taking a break or going out of the way to try something new. Those islands in Hong Kong are completely new to me even though I was there, and now I have a reason to go back and something awesome to discover. The one perk for you James was that you were somewhere that had really good pizza for your rut, I will say that. Not a lot of options in Hong Kong like for me!

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