Senior Travel in Malaysia

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If you are in the mature age group and are looking to plan a trip in South-East Asia, then a Malaysia Senior Travel vacation is for you. You are sure to be delighted as you experience all the wonderful aspects of the oriental culture in Malaysia. Malaysia is overflowing with attractions and activities for seniors, so you will have a full schedule the whole time you are here. The atmosphere is relaxing and free, and it feels like you've stepped into another world.

Malaysia Senior Travel

The greatest percentage of traveling to Malaysia is done by plane. Senior travel rates for flights can be obtained by talking to the flight booking personnel of the airline you choose. In the eastern hemisphere, United Airlines flies planes often to Malaysia. KLM Airlines books many flights to Malaysia in the western hemisphere.

There is another choice you have, which is a bit more exciting and romantic. Take a cruise and get a senior discount so you can receive a great tour of the Asian world. The benefits of cruises are that they allow you to relax and be comfortable with no time deadline to stress you out. Many of the major cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises, American Holland Cruises and Disney Cruises, provide great discount rates with an interesting itinerary.

Senior Accommodations

A very important part of your vacation is resting in comfort, and there is nothing like having a nice hotel to return to after experiencing the city. Rest assured the capital has many hotels here for you. Travel packages mostly offer hotel reservations with them. But if you want to look into what you would like to suit your needs, here are a few options.

They are located in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malyasia. Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur has one of the best reputations in the city as a place to stay. This 4-star hotel has a host of in-room amenities, plus all kinds of luxuries to pamper you, such as a pool and spa. The Ascott Kuala Lumpur is a 5-star that has few rivals in providing the highest degree of comfort for you. Whatever you can think of to make your stay nice and easy, they have it for you.

Senior Activities

In Kuala Lumpur, you can see Malaysia's profound attractions. For those who like serenity, a trip to Lum Chin Orchid Garden is a must. It will draw you into its paradise atmosphere of comfort. Exciting buildings to look at and walk through here are all over the place. You must see the Masjd Jameks, a fabulous mosque and the Muzium Negara, which is a natural museum of Malaysia. All kinds of parks surround the city, offering the opportunity to go on peaceful walks. Your hotel manager will have a more in-depth schedule for you.


If you have medical issues, make sure prescriptions are taken care of. The medical provision here is phenomenal - there are hospitals everywhere. Make sure all the paperwork you need to visit here or anywhere else you may stop at is taken care of, so that your trip is as enjoyable as you envision. 

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