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Monsoon damage Kapit Dock

Monsoon damage Kapit Dock

Jan & James 2008

Sarawak is a place for people who want to see a rather untouched jungle. The capital is Kuching. Besides this place as the visitor's entry point there are some coastal villages, such as Sematan and Pandan. Major places of interest are the beaches and walking trails inside the Bako National Park. In the northeast of the Malaysian province, you can visit the interesting Niah Caves. They are accessible only by longboat and a three-km hike. They are famous for for their rock paintings, forest wildlife, jungle trails and night walks to see the luminous mushrooms. Visit to the tribal longhouse in Sarawak is a must. You can visit longhouses located at Skrang or Lemanak area, or visit the nearest longhouse from Kuching called Annah Rais Longhouse (google it for their homestay program), if you do not have enough time to travel Skrang/Lemanak. Unfortunately, the Malaysian government has not stopped logging. It is affecting the environment and the habitat of the Dayak tribes.

Kuchin the capital is the best place to start your visit.


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