Eating Out in Miri

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Whenever you take a trip to this beautiful city located north of Sarawak, Malaysia, be sure to sample some of the local foods available in the numerous Miri restaurants in the city center. Here are some of the best restaurants available.

Local Seafood Restaurants

Most of the local seafood restaurants in Miri, due to their perfect location along the coast, offer the best seafood in the country. It's recommended that you have a taste of dishes such as the tom yam soup, buttered prawns, deep fried calamari and the steamed fish. Most of the dishes offered in the menu cost less than US$10.

Chinese Cafe

Noodles can be found in any restaurant in Miri. Most hotels either boil or fry the noodles, but the Mee kolok noodles are totally different in terms of taste and also how they are served. Mee kolok are served with slices of meat or vegetables; they can be in a soup or dry, whichever way you prefer. The meal is cheap, costing about US$1 per bowl. Try the Mee kolok in any Miri restaurant with a mix of red sauce, delicious! This dish is one of the most inexpensive ones you'll find in Miri.

Fratini's Restaurant

Located next to the court Mammoth building in Boulevard commercial center, Fratini's has the tastiest Italian food in Miri. The restaurant has franchises in the neighboring Bruneians. You can enjoy Italian foods such as pizzas, pastas and some of the best coffee ever made. The restaurant has a comfortable setting that allows you to enjoy the food in a peaceful atmosphere. The service is top notch, and because of this, the price of most dishes is a bit higher than average, ranging between US$11 and US$20.

Siamese Secrets

Wine and dine in the open, as this restaurant has outside seating as well as offering Internet services for those who would like to eat while surfing the net. The restaurant not only offers Thai food, but the menu also covers food from the Philippines and Western. Food is prepared right in front of your eyes, which can be a unique experience for those who have never seen professional cooks at work. Enjoy the lemon grass fish or the Thai pineapple fried rice, which is mouth watering.   

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