Day Trips in Miri

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Miri day trips not only guarantee you a life-changing experience but also a memorable one. Miri is a city northern Sarawak, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is the second largest city in Sarawak. The first oil well was drilled by Shell in 1910 (the Grand Old Lady), and is now a state monument and one of Miri’s tourist attractions. 

Almost all locals speak a tiny smattering of English and are quite helpful when it comes to direction or any help needed.

Chinese Hawker Center

If you want to experience this small oil town, you may start by visiting the Chinese Hawker Center located in the hub of the city center next to the Chinese Wet Market. For breakfast, the milk tea is the best, particularly at some stalls. You may also try out the curry rice, fried rice noodles, dried noodles and laksa (spicy rice noodles) which are local delicacies.

Lampir Hill National Park

Book a tour to Lampir Hill National Park where you can walk across a suspension bridge to reach the breathtaking Latak Waterfall. Relax at one of the shelters and then trek through the jungle to explore the surrounding. You can climb up the 40 meter Tree Tower to view the green forest & bird watching or alternatively swim at the waterfall and enjoy the cool refreshing mountain stream.

Crocodile Farm

Located about 20 minutes from the city of Miri , is a crocodile farm inside a mini zoo. You get to view over 2000 wild crocodiles that range from young to old; you might get lucky and have the exceptional chance to feed 1 of the baby crocodiles that are cared for there. Also, in the crocodile farm not only do you get to see the crocodiles but also you get first hand information from experts about these fearsome amphibians. Apart from the crocodiles, you also get the chance to take a short trip through the mini-zoo which is filled with a collection of animals such as snakes, deer and gibbons among others.

Canada Hill and Esplanade Beach

Another Miri day trip excursion is extreme hiking on the jungle treks of Canada Hill for a test of endurance. Be careful and prepared for the trek.

After hiking, take a dip at Esplanade Beach which is a favorite beach front located at Luak Bay. You can also visit the Tamu Muhibah Market where fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables and local foodstuffs are available.

An Evening in Miri

A Miri day trip in isn’t complete without trying out the Sarawakian authentic rice wine known as ‘tuak.’ ‘Tuak’ is usually served during festive seasons, especially during Gawai (the Harvest Festival celebrated by the Ibans). Apart from that, if one is looking for a place for drinks and some entertainment, there are few places to go like Balcony, Cherry Berries, Siam Thai Bar, Island Bar & Pub, The Chaplins and Club Infinity.

A visitor’s information center located near the public bus stand is available for any further inquiries.

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