Beaches in Miri

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Here is a description of the Miri beaches.

Hawaii Beach

Miri's most popular beach is without a doubt Hawaii Beach. Located at Kampong Bakam, Hawaii beach boasts pristine water, golden sand and palm trees. Its slope is perfect for kids to play in its shallow area and for adults who like to swim in deeper water. The coconut trees offer plenty of shade, making it a perfect location for a picnic. This beach can be very crowded on weekends with locals and tourists alike. Visitors wishing to stay overnight can rent small chalets.

Taman Selera

Taman Selera is the oldest recreational park in town. It offers a beautiful golden sand beach, Tanjong Loban beach. It offers a kids' playground and an open-air snack bar and the area is well lit in the evening. It is a popular place to watch the sunset over the water.

Luak Bay Esplanade

Luak Bay Esplanade is located 12 km away from Miri's town center. It is a very popular beach with local on weekends and is slightly quieter on weekdays. This is a golden sandy beach and is perfect for families. Bring a picnic and relax on the grassy areas or directly on the beach. You can buy soft drinks, snacks and chicken wings from hawkers selling on the parking lot. The sunset views here are breathtaking.
Beraya Beach

Beraya beach is located 15 km from Miri. The beach is great for swimming, but the real attraction here is the wealth of seashells and fossils to be found. You only have to look down at the surf line as you walk to discover beautiful seashells and some fossils of different species of crabs and other sea creatures.

Trusan Beach

Trusan beach is also a shell collector's paradise. Located approximately 40 km from Miri, Trusan Beach boasts a long white sandy beach with a gentle slope. You can find several types of fossils and seashells in the breakers and on the beach itself.

Bungai Beach

If you are a nature lover and prefer a beach that is less populated and urbanized, Bungai Beach is definitely for you. Bungai Beach is approximately a 1-hour drive from Miri and is well worth the drive. The surroundings are wild and untouched, and it is secluded and very private and the only sounds you will hear are from the water. The pale golden sand is pristine, the water crystal clear with a gentle slope. There are no amenities close by, so you should remember to bring a picnic lunch and plenty to drink. You can access this area by car, but a local bus makes 3 stops here from Berkenu each day.

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