Bars and Cafes in Miri

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Miri bars and cafes are welcoming and lively and should be a stop on any trip to the city. The local Sarawakian rice wine name 'tuak' should be tried if you are in town during any of the festive seasons such as Gawai, but otherwise there are numerous places to check out that will serve a variety of drinks and provide some great entertainment.

Casual dress is suitable for clubs, bars and cafes here, but keep in mind that the hot and humid weather will linger throughout the night so be sure to keep your clothing light so as not to be overpowered by the evening heat when out and about late night in Miri.

Bars in Miri

Cherry Berries is one of the most popular bars in the city. With two floors of live music and a second floor balcony, this is one of the hottest places to be, especially on the weekends when it is usually completely packed. The environment is good and you can choose between drinking, dining and dancing.

Also in the same area are two other clubs, Balcony and Talking Point. Both are in the same element as Cherry Berries with dancing and dining, and both make great stops in a long night of partying.  

For lovers of karaoke, Club Infinity Miri is a high end karaoke bar and pub in the middle of Oil Town. This is a fun place to spend an evening if you enjoy singing along to some of your favorite songs while enjoying some drinks.

Another nice gathering place is Passion Corner, a nicely appointed Chinese-style bar and restaurant perfect for a gathering with friends and relaxing.

Cafes in Miri

There are numerous cafes in the city serving both coffee and coffee drinks, as well as many that serve alcohol too.

For American-style cafes, check out Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and San Francisco Coffee. Though these are American-style cafes, the menu may be slightly different than what you are used to at home to accommodate local tastes and can be fun to explore while on your trip to Malaysia.

Spend some time wandering the city and finding your own favorite cafe and bar for a light meal and drinks and you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of great bars and cafes throughout the entire city and you will surely find something that fits with your style and interests.

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