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The BanQuet Restaurant at 4th Mile

The BanQuet Restaurant at 4th Mile

Kuching is the capital of Sarawak. It is an attractive exotic city with modern buildings that blend in nicely with structures from colonial days and colorful Malay and Chinese shop houses.

The Sarawak River is the the center of Kuching life and the Waterfront, a beautifully landscaped esplanade is the town's hot spot. Across the river is the Astana, once the home of the White Rajah, now the Governor's residence. Nearby are Fort Margherita, a reminder of more turbulent days, and the colourful Malay kampung.

Just across the road is the Main Bazaar, once the city's commercial center, now the place to go hunting for souvenirs, or to find a travel agent or sit down and have a drink.

The restaurant scene in Kuching offers a great variety with a focus on Western, Malay, Chinese, Indian cuisine. For cheap food, try the roadside stalls or the food outlets in the malls. It is said you have not visited Kuching if you do not try the laksa Sarawak, a spicy concoction of rice vermicelli in curry-like broth, ask your hotelier fot the best nearby.

Beside the city tour and sampling the food, other things to do are visitng the weekend market at Satok, the Semenggoh Orang Utan Centre, Bako National Park, Kubah National Park, Annah Rais Longhouse, Sarawak Cultural Village, go kayaking and many others of which the information are available at the Sarawak Tourism Bureau at Court Road.


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