When to Go in Kuala Lumpur

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The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, has over the last decade, emerged as one of the most visited and vital cities across Asia. K L is better known for its booming economy and the vitality of expanding cities. It’s not just the financial hub of the Far East, but is also a unique city in all aspects. And speaking of its tour and travel industry, of late, the tourism industry of Kuala Lumpur has experienced a sudden growth to stardom. Be it some classy entertainment, world class attractions or a superb shopping facilities and experiences, Kuala Lumpur comes up with everything a visitor should expect from a classy capital city!  

Climatic Conditions

Kuala Lumpur is an equatorial country and as such the city enjoys a mild warm temperature ranging from 20-30 degree Celsius round the year. It is advisable that you avoid planning your trip during the drier months of June and July; during the rest of the year it rains, but rarely, for more than an hour at a stretch.

Best Times to Visit

It is quite natural for trekkers to plan their holiday schedules as per their convenience, and this is exactly Kuala Lumpur plays a safe game -- as per the “met” office, the weather in Kuala Lumpur remains consistent throughout. Being a genial city a trip to the KL can surely be enjoyed in every season, and there’s no specific season in KL that cane be defined as the in-season or the peak touring time.

Placed right on the equator, although it is an acceptable fact that Kuala Lumpur experiences a tropical weather throughout the year, but it’s equally true that every season in K L brings along with it the best time to pay a visit to this interesting and exciting city. But yes, in case you’re planning a long holiday, then it’s advisable that you plan it round the festive season and also considering the weather conditions.

The Festive Season

It is during the months of October through January that the metropolis turns into a riot of colors. With several different festivals being fêted with full passion, the city attracts tourists from different parts of the globe to experience the gleam and glitter.

Weather Reports

Kuala Lumpur weather, as known to all of us, is well-known for its fluctuating nature – it’s typically warm, but as and when it rains, conditions tend to get all the more affable. Being an equatorial country, day time temperatures in Kuala Lumpur remains as high as 30°C or even higher at times; but the nights are comparatively cooler. It’s the frequent drizzles that play a vital role in keeping the temperatures well-balanced.

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