Kluang Travel Guide

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Mansor Toko Batik

Mansor Toko Batik

Aiman Zakwan Zahari

This Kluang travel guide includes hiking, waterfalls and religious sites. Kluang is situated in the state of Johor and can be reached by car, bus or train. The Mengkibol River is located in Kluang. The city is named after the fruit bats that were once common in the region.


There are many attractions to draw tourists to Kluang. Gunung Lambak mountain offers a scenic hiking route which takes approximately two hours. Another option is to go horseback riding. Children will enjoy the playground located at the bottom of the mountain. At Zenxin Organic Park visitors will find many ways to entertain themselves such as going for a bicycle tour through the vegetable plantation. The on-site cafe offers refreshments. Another option for a family activity is to take a picnic to Gunung Belumut and there are beautiful waterfalls in the region. Religious attractions include Masjid Jamek Kluang Mosque and St. Louis Church.


For some interesting shopping items explore Little India and Jalan Ismail where there are plenty of treasures to be found. In Kluang you should sample the dragon fruit which is locally produced as well as the other fresh vegetables which are for sale. Other good items to buy are handmade crafts, ceramics and porcelain. Lluang Mall and Kluang Parade are modern malls which offer good shopping opportunities and entertainment such as a cinema and bowling alley. Plaza BCB is located near the central bus station. When in Kluang a must-do is a visit to one of the local markets where tourists can mix with locals and get a glimpse into the local culture. The vibrant market is a good way to spend the day or the night markets offer evening entertainment.


In Kluang there are many road-side stalls selling food, and this is a good place to sample the local cuisine on a budget. It is also possible to buy Indian and Chinese food. Alternatively, go to one of the more up-market restaurants in the area. The nightlife in Kluang is scarce but there are a few nightclubs and bars so it is possible to find somewhere to have a few drinks.


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