De Biéres Pub & Cafe

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Popular pub located at the foot of the DNP tower it is a beer joint on two levels with good music deejayed throughout the night. Music is mainstream rock, R&B and Canto Pop, requests are entertained by the friendly DJ Yves.

The pub is full of very pretty mostly Chinese hostesses who will sit with you, engage in lively talk, shoot pool (and usually win) and generally take care of your drinking needs by making sure your beer bucket is continually replenished. They can be trusted not to pocket your change and are (mostly) good company even if they do tend encourage you to get wild and drink too fast. Their price is only a ladies drink of about RM28.

The pub tends not to get busy until after eleven and when you enter the premises you are usually allocated a table on one of the three levels. There are TVs all over and the music is very loud

The pub spills out onto the sidewalk with tables for those brave enough to go without aircon.

It is recommended to go with a group of friends.

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address:Unit 2-06, level 2, Plaza DNP, 59, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, 80250, Johor Bahru, Johor
tel:07-333 6881

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