Getting Around in Malaysia

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There are many ways to travel while in Malaysia. Below are the most common modes and the experiences you can expect from each.

Traveling by Taxi

Taxis in Malaysia are a little different than taxis in New York. In Malaysia a taxi is usually a man, bike pedaling you throughout the city. Some bicycles have roofs and others do not. You need to be careful if you get one without a roof in case there is bad weather or a sudden downpour. Luckily these are very cheap modes of transportation and are the most common.

Traveling By Bus

Getting around Malaysia by bus is the second most preferred. It is a little more than a taxi, but can take you the longer distances. Taxis are only good for getting around in city. Bus travel is usually a tour bus style or a bus which will take you from one end of the city to another. You need to make sure ahead of time if there will be any stops in between.

Traveling by Moped or Bike

Mopeds or bikes can be rented if you want to do the work yourself. This is very common and there are thousands of these all around the city and markets at one time. This can be a really fun experience if you wanted to be adventurous and try it yourself.

Malaysia offers many fun, unique, cheap and adventurous forms of transportation—making for an unforgettable travel destination.

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