Family Travel Ideas in Malaysia

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Of almost all Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia has to be the best place for Malaysia family travel. Not only are there plenty of fun things to do that will suit the oldest to the youngest family members, but the act of just getting around and staying in accommodation has also been made very family-friendly.

Convenience and Service

Almost all bus and train travel is very comfortable and efficient in Malaysia, with comfortable seats that stretch out so the kids can get the best sleep possible. The more upper-end hotels will have specialized kids' facilities. Visitors are often surprised by the level of service and hospitality that kids receive from waiters, hotel staff and other such people.

Kuala Lumpur Activities

Malaysia family travel will be greatly enhanced by certain activities that all members of the family will be guaranteed to enjoy. In the capital Kuala Lumpur, it's worth checking out the Lake Gardens where you can play in the children's playground or hire boats to row about on the artificial lake. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park features countless tropical birds such as the hornbill, Malaysia's national symbol which has been let loose amidst gorgeous tropical countryside, waterfalls and lakes. Deer Park is equally enjoyable, giving kids a rare chance to glimpse these gentle, beautiful creatures in an almost natural habitat.

Spelunking Around

There's nothing kids (and many adults) like more than to explore dark and spooky places such as caves. In Gunung Mulu National Park, Eastern Malaysia, you can do just that, although it's safest to take a guided tour through this spectacular limestone cave system. Here you will find the longest such passage in all of Southeast Asia. Nature really has blessed Malaysia in this regard, as it is hard to find anything similar anywhere else in the world.

Authentic Longhouse Life

Another great thing to do in Malaysia family travel is to visit some of the authentic indigenous longhouses along the rivers of Sabah and Sarawak. These longhouses are in fact whole villages constructed under a single roof and the inhabitants live off the land in an almost entirely self-sufficient fashion. Such a scene makes for great fun for young and old alike as they observe this fascinating, ancient lifestyle. What will add to the excitement is a guided tour of the jungle from such longhouse settlements, an adventure you, your kids and your other relatives are bound to find extremely interesting and thrilling.

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