Cherating Travel Guide

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Cherating is located approx. 75 kilometers north of Kuantan. It is known as Asia's first Club Mediterranee are excellent for a host of leisure activities, such as windsurfing, swimming, snorkelling and parasailing. Among the beach's attractions is the rustic atmosphere in the kampungs, whose friendly people will usually play host to visitors. There are also a large number of backpackers visiting Cherating. Most guesthouses serve dinner for every guest at a fixed time. A nice way of meeting other travellers. The area is also known for the famous sea turtles.

The beach however is quite uneventful: shallow with the water at most of the times a little bit murky. Do not expect crystal clear water at the Malaysian east coast at all: Mangrove forests and logging in the main range leads to silting of rivers into the sea.

Cherating is also a good place to explore the surrounding area - it is not necessary to stay in Kuantan for that. There are a few travel agents around. Public transport is mediocre. Best way to explore the whole area is by your own car. Perhaps rent a car in KL and drive all the way. It is easy to drive in Malaysia but do take note that you drive on the correct side of the road, which is the right side.  Of course, this statement depends on which part of world you come from!! 

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