Cameron highlands Travel Guide

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This Cameron Highlands travel guide will help you to explore and discover this majestic resort hill situated in the northernmost part of Malaysia.

Getting In and Around

Cameron Highlands is accessible only by land. The only public transportation you can take to reach this place is through the bus ride from the nearest town and cities like Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. You can get to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore by air. From Kuala Lumpur, you can go to the Puduraya Central Bus Station and take the bus route to Tanah Rata. It is a 4 ½-hour ride that cost $6.25 - $9.50. From Singapore, you can take the VIP bus ride offered at the Golden Mile Tower/Complex. If you have your own or rented vehicle you can travel trough the North-South Expressway.

Traveling around Cameron Highlands is relatively easy. This place is small enough to be traveled by foot. You can also ride the mini-bus or take a taxi to reach different plantations or rent motorcycles or bicycle to travel around town.


There are several places to stay in Cameron Highlands. Hotels ranging from luxury to budget are available for visitors. If you are looking for budget accommodation, you can try the Hillview Inn, Hotel Chua Gin, Kalai Villa Apartment and Tudor Home Inn. There are also luxury hotels where you can stay in comfort and style.


Cameron Highlands has a lot of gastronomical fares to offer. You can choose from rich Nyonya dishes to the internationally acclaimed Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines. Your journey wouldn’t be complete without trying Cameron Highland’s infamous “steamboat”. There are lots of restaurants and cafes all around town, popular restaurants are Mayflower, Highlands Restaurant, Restorant Kumar, Zainab Sam, Gerai Opah and Restaurant No. 14.


While holidaying in Cameron Highlands you can explore the different tea and strawberry plantations, as well as the tourist’s hot spots like Robinson Waterfall, Mossy Forest, Rose Centre & Rose Valley, Boh Tea Centre, Sg Palas Plantation and Bala's Holiday Chalet.  You can also go trekking and hiking in Gunung Brinchang or play golf in Cameron Highlands Golf Course.


There are not many nightlife and entertainment venues in Cameron Highlands. However, the few places that exist offer good entertainment. Places you can go to are Jungle Bar and Travelers Bistro & Pub. Both these places offer ice cold beers, great music and a great atmosphere where you can chill out and enjoy the evening.


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