Wat Ho Prakeo

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Situated next to the Presidential Palace, this temple was the temple of the former Lao Royal family. Formerly, the temple was the home of the emerald Buddha, that was taken back by the Thais in 1778 and now resides in Bangkok.

The emerald Buddha, firstly, resided at a city named Lampang in northern Thailand and was in territory of the Lanna Kingdom. In 1472, a King of the Lanna Kingdom named Tiloka Raja took the emerald Buddha to the capital of the Kingdom named Chiang Mai.

In 1552, a half booded King (Lanna and Lao) of the Lanna Kingdom named Jayajesthadhiraja (or Chaiya Chettha Thirat) was requested by the court of the Kingdom of Laos to come back to reign at Luang Phrabang. So, he brought the emerald Buddha with him to Luang Phrabang. In 1564, he again brought him to the new capital named Vientiane (Wiang Chan). Until the year 1779, the King of the Thonburi Kingdom named Taksin, came to Vientiane and took him back to Thailand but resided him in the new capital named Thonburi. 

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