Eating Out in Pakse

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Plenty of cheap restaurants withing a few blocks of each other.

September 04, 2005 new by klauw

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Korean Barbecue Restaurant

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Delicious hotpot restaurant. You cook your meat on a type of barbeque over hot coals at your table. Huge amounts of noodles, water, stock and vegetables are provided so that you cook your own meal. Delicious. Good service. Locals happy to show unsure tourists how to make their meal.

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address:Road no. 46, Pakse
PriceOfMenu:US$2.60 for huge beef hotpot (cook yourself at table) for 2 people & 0.67 cents for a large bottle of beer.

Jasmin Indian Restaurant

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Pleasant tables on the sidewalk and inside. Good service. All the usual Indian fare with vegetarian a specialty.

type:Indian and Pakistani
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address:Road no. 13, Pakse
PriceOfMenu:About US$1.50 per dish
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