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Vichoom Temple, water melon shape Chedi

Vichoom Temple, water melon shape Chedi


Luang Prabang is the old capital city of the Lan Xang Kingdom. According to the Luang Prabang legend, the first name of Luang Parabang was Muang Swa, named after King Khun Xua around the eighth century, later known as Xieng Dong and Xieng Thong. During the reign of King Fa Ngum between 1354 and 1372 A.D., Xieng Dong, and Xieng Thong cities were renamed Luang Prabang in the name of the gold image of Buddha, the Phrabang.

To travel to Luang Prabang you can take one day boat to Luang Prabang its safe big and comfortable its reach to Luang Prabang by 1 day the veiw along Makong river is beautiful. You can look at

Luang Prabang was the capital of the Lane xang kingdom from 1354 A.D. The capital was then transfered to Vientiane city in 1560 A.D. Luang Prabang is rich in cultural heritage, known as the seat of Lao culture, with monasteries, monuments traditional costumes and surrounded by many types of nature's beauty. Luang Prabang province has a total population of 365000. The city itself is a rather sleepy town of 16,000 habitants with a handful of interesting temples and old French houses. Luang Prabang is now listed as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

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