By River from Cambodia

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It is possible to cross from Stung Treng (Northern Cambodia) to Voen Kham (Southern Laos) (and vice versa). You will already need your Laos (or Cambodian) visa as these are not available at these border crossings. However, check this is still the case. As of June 2006 both Laos and Cambodian tourist visas were being issued on the border.

During the dry season this trip is only possible from Stung Treng (if coming from Cambodia) due to low river levels, however during the wet boats can be taken from as far down river as Phnomn Penh.

It costs US$25 to hire a boat with driver that will take up to 6 passengers (and luggage) to the Laos border. During the dry season it is quite a dangerous trip as the low water level causes many rocks to be exposed and the longtail boat needs to travel at speeds of 50-60 kilometers per hour in order to get enough height in the water to pass over the rocks. As the engine is a car motor it is very noisy. The scenery is worth it though!

The border guard at the Cambodian border will exit stamp your passport for US$1. The boatman will then take you across the river to Laos. Moto riders will greet you at the landing and offer to take you to the immigration post 500-1000m away. You could walk or pay a moto driver US$0.50 for a ride. You will need to fill in immigration forms at the border post and pay US$1 for a Laotian entry stamp.

Next to the border post is a large carpark with various restaurants, a squat toilet and usually a waiting sawngthauw. This will take you to the Don Dhet (4000 islands) ferry crossing for $10 per group. This is a 20-30minute ride.

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