Top 5 Must Do's in Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country of great natural assets. Indonesia Must Do's include things that any adventurer or nature lover will enjoy doing.

Surfing in Bali

Bali, for its sudden gutsy wind, great waves and zigzagging coast line, is one of the best places for surfing in the whole world. It can only be compared to the South Australian beaches in terms of surfing. If you are a surfing veteran, Ulu Watu in Bali is a great place to surf and if you travel with some prior information you can take part in surfing competitions as well.

Canoeing in Ujong Kulon National Park

Ujong Kulon National Park, situated in the south west tip of Java, is the home of Javan Rhinos which are classified as rare species. Canoeing along the river that flows through the national park will be a great experience. The lights and shadows of the jungle and the expectation of seeing the rhinos will definitely add to the interest of the adventurer.

Diving to the Coral Reefs

Indonesia has almost 15 percent of the coral reefs of the world near its coastline.  North Sulawesi is great place for veteran divers. The underwater world is absolutely lively and colorful with 100 types of fish and the great bright coral walls. Lembeh Strait is the best place for experienced divers. If you are a beginner wishing to have a glimpse of the great underwater world, then East Bali is a suitable place for you. Places like Tulamben offer stunning views of the coral in shallow water and the colorful marine life adds a unique dimension to the sight.

Trekking to an Active Volcano

Indonesia has huge number of active volcanoes in Java and Sumatra. You may have trekked mountains and nascent volcanoes all over the world, but here you will get a chance to see the core of an active volcano. Mount Bromo in Java is one of the most visited active volcanoes in the whole world and it will give you a tremendous experience exposing the might of nature. Nestled between Sumatra and Java, Krakatoa is another active volcano, the very of sight of which will make your adrenaline high. The Kawah Ijen Lake, located in central Java, is an astounding crater lake. Undoubtedly, your trip to Indonesia will provide you with plenty of opportunities to venture on a thrilling trekking experience.

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