Sumbawa Travel Guide

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Climb to Mount Tambora

Climb to Mount Tambora

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Sumbawa is the vastest Goverment Regency in the West Nusa Tenggara Province. It's 8,493 Km2 and incorporates 38 small islands. The population is about half a million. The main island of Sumbawa is larger than Bali and Lombok combined. Its divided into three administrative districts or regencies that correspond roughly to the former sulatnates, Bima in the east, Sumbawa in the west and Dompu in the middle.

The general topography is hilly and mountainous although low level plains are to be found near the northern beaches. The main sights beside the beaches are the towns of Sumbawa Besar City and Labuhan Sumbawa a sleepy old port, now only used by the ferries departing for Moyo island . They are about 1 Hour by boat from there and have a good wild reserve.

The best beaches of the islands are found at Kencana Beach , Saliper Ate Beach and Saleh Bay , Poto Batu Beach and Maluk Beach

Bungin Island is the most densely populated island in the world, it is built from coral and sand and there is almost no vacant land. The island in habited by the bajo people. And it's area is becoming larger as the inhabitans extend the island as the population increases. Kaung Island is a small island, with a community of sailors, is located close to Bungin island, about 70 Kms from Sumbawa Besar. Kaung island produces various artefacts from oyster shell which are of interest

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