Lake Toba Travel Guide

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Bagus Bay Pier in Tuktuk

Bagus Bay Pier in Tuktuk

The Lake Toba travel guide will get you through this majestic lake and super volcano found in the northern part of Sumatra, Indonesia. The scenic site of the lake is a popular destination for tourists during the holidays. Lake Toba is located near numerous towns that surround it.

Convenient Access

You can get there by flying to Medan, which is where the airport of Sumatra is located.  Then, travel to towns near Lake Toba by riding the public bus, which will cost $2.00. You can also ride the taxi or rent a car, but this will cost you around $45 to $100. Lake Toba is also accessible by boat from the Tuk Tuk and Samosir Islands. To get to Lake Toba, you can hire small boats to the volcano for $5.00, or just hire motorcycles to get around Lake Toba, as there are no longer taxis in the area.

Vacationing at Lake Toba

Enjoying your vacation at Lake Toba is an easy accomplishment.  Young and old alike will surely take pleasure in the many splendid things that Lake Toba can offer.  The trip is recommended for lovers, friends and family getaway.

Accommodation Options

There are scores of hotels and restaurants that are found all over Lake Toba. Prices of the hotels around Lake Toba differ based on the season. During off peak season, you can get rooms for their normal rates, which usually range from $20 to $100, while these figures double or triple during the peak season.

Shopping and Dining

There are many second-hand shops in Lake Toba where you can buy cheap items such as books and locally made clothes. When it comes to dining, there are countless excellent places such as the Maruba Restaurant where you can sample the best curry in Indonesia.

Enjoy the Sights

There are plenty of hot springs on the western side of Lake Toba where tourists can take a dip in the man-made pools created by some local hot spring resorts. You can also take a trip to the volcano and spot natural wonders such as the waterfalls near the Tuk Tuk region. Aside from these, you can also watch traditional Batak Dance, usually held in the many restaurants around the region.

Undoubtedly, there is plenty to do in this city. But keep in mind, Lake Toba is also a scenic place where you can just sit back and relax, if this is what you prefer.


Lake Toba
is on most itineraries of travellers going to Sumatra. The lake is set in the caldera of a giant volcano and it's the largest lake of South East Asia. Right in the middle there is an island Pulau Samosir, which is about the size of Singapore.

The climate is pleasant and the setting is cool as well. This makes Lake Toba a favourite get away for people living in less-than-appealing city of Medan. Medan is less than 200 km away and many buses make the trip every day.

The unique thing from Lake Toba is about a small lake within the lake itself. The lake so called Danau Sidohoni [Lake Sidohoni] and situated in Pulau Samosir [Samosir island]. And Pulau Samosir itself is connected to Sumatra mainland by a bridge named Jembatan Diponggol, situated at Pangururan.

The main concentration for tourists [for spots and accommodation] are on Tuk Tuk and Ambarita.  Tuk Tuk is about the old cemetery of the King Sidabutar, stone chairs and Ambarita is place to stay whenever you find Tuk Tuk quite hectic.

The enroute from Medan as the capital city of north Sumatra as follows: Medan, Pematangsiantar, Parapat and Lake Toba. Take a ferry to visit Pulau Samosir, takes about 30 minutes. 


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