Sights in Indonesia

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Indonesia is an island nation in the Indian Ocean and the fourth largest country in terms of population in the world. The country is diverse in terms of ethnicity, language and religion. Indonesia sights include old Hindu temples, rich tropical rain forests, Dutch colonial structures, beautiful and modern Muslim mosques and many rare animal and plant species.

Java Island

Java is the heart of Indonesia. The capital city of Jakarta is located on this island. The pure gold plated National Monument Tower at Merdeka square is the signature architecture of the colonial Dutch era. The Portuguese Church, ironically completed by the Dutch in the 17th century, is one of the most magnificent structures of Jakarta. Istiqlal Mosque in the city center is one of the biggest mosques in the world and it blends the traditional Arabic architecture with modern engineering capabilities superbly. Prambanan Temple Complex near Yogyakarta is a very old Hindu temple. This 10th century temple complex arranges Ramayana ballet every year where hundreds of dancers and singers wearing colorful clothes perform. This is a must watch for all visitors. Borobudur is the largest and one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in the world.


Sulawesi is known as the 'Orchid Island' of Indonesia. Misty valleys, high mountains, hot springs and the tropical climate make this place an excellent home for exotic butterflies. Thousands of different species of butterflies can be spotted here. In this island the custom is to bury the dead people in vertical cliff side tombs. Thousands of such tombs can be found all over Sulawesi.


Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia and has a long volcanic mountain range. The island is home to many endangered species. The government has established forest reserves to protect animals like tigers, elephants, tapirs and rhinos. Lake Toba, situated in the middle of the island, is a picturesque volcanic crater lake. Sumatra has some lovely beaches in the east coast.


Bali is known as the 'Island of Gods' for its numerous Hindu temples all across it. This island is home to several active volcanoes and some very lovely beaches. The Holy Mountain of Gunung Agung is more than 10,000 feet high and is a very good place for adventurers and trekkers. In the west coast, the sea temple of Tanab is of breathtaking beauty.


Home of the highest volcanic mountain, Mount Rindjani, Lombok is an unspoiled island in Indonesia. It has rocky sea cliffs in the west, dry and barren lands in the east and thick forests and mountains to the north. The western coast beaches are very clear and possess brilliantly colored corals.
Nusa Tengara Archipelago

Nusa Tengara is known for its exceptionally beautiful beaches. The Komodo Dragon, the world's largest monitor lizard, is found on this island. The Mont Keli Mutu is famous for its three crater lakes which are worth viewing.

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