Prambanan Temple Travel Guide

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Located about 20 kms east of Yogya, Prambanan temple is mainly dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and features the other two gods of trimurti: Krishna and Brahma. The temple was established in 9th Century (almost at the same time as Borobudur temple) with the height of 149 m2.

To get to Prambanan temple, the closest city to reach is Yogya. The city is accessible by daily flight from major cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar. From Yogya, you can either take a taxi or bus (Yogya-Solo), and the temple is situated right on the main street to Solo. The best time to visit Prambanan is in the morning (8-10 AM) or in the afternoon (3-6 PM) when the temperature is warm. In the evening, especially during the full moon, the temple hosts a dance performance taken from the epic Ramayana. The stage is located strategically so that the temple becomes the backdrop of the performance.


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