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Meratus mountaineous range from Loksado

Meratus mountaineous range from Loksado

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Loksado is a small town about 5 hours ride from Banjarmasin, the capital city of South Kalimantan.  Or about 3 hours from Marabahan.

From Loksado, travelers can start trekking to Meratus Mountaineous Range with itinerary Loksado-Malaris-Haratai. With additional attraction bamboo rafting in Amandit river.

Trekking from Loksado to Haratai is nice, especially if the time close to sunset and evening. Passes wooden bridge and forests and small rivers and several villages. And the evening sky showing thousand stars that feel so close to the earth.

And in Haratai, you can stay with locals. If you're lucky, you can witnessing the locals who are still have Hinduism beliefs [called Hindu Kaharingan] arrange a ceremony called Jujuran. A pre-wedding procession where both sides of bride and groom doing Beruji [in Indonesian so called pantun or poem in English] for a dealing about expenses should be paid for the wedding ceremony.

This Jujuran can take all night long! With intermission traditional music and song using drums in trance conditions. This event will be held in a communal house, which connected with several families' houses from the same ancestor.   


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