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Samarinda is the Jump of Point for a Mahakam River Adventure Trip 

Samarinda Is the provincial capital of East Kalimantan. Located on the Mahakam river, the town occupies a space of about 167 square kilometres and has a population of approximately half a million people. Samarinda city started as a small village of Bugis settlers who, in 1668, arrived from Sulawesi, led by La Mohang Daeng Mangkona. Those first settlers came from Wajo to Parepare, from where they proceeded to Muara Pasir and Kutai. There, on January 21, 1668, they founded the settlement which is now the city of Samarinda. The date is commemorated annually as the official birthday of Samarinda. Samarinda is the capital town of East Kalimantan and located about fifty kilometers upstream from the mouth of the Mahakam River. It's a trading town established in 1730, much cheaper and easier going instead of Balikpapan. For inland tourism Samarinda is the starting point for exciting Mahakam River, Jungle and Cultural Dayak adventure.

Mahakam Delta & Samarinda Samarinda is surrounded by rivers. The Karangmumus flows to the east of the town, and the Karangasem river to the west. All of them empty in the Mahakam river mouth area. Those rivers are important to the people of Samarinda. Besides serving as avenues for transportation, they also meet the people's need for sanitation, and other facilities. Motorboats plying those rivers are popularly called water taxis, and it is mostly these noisy, agile vessels that cause the hustle and bustle on the riverside. The Mahakam, at this point, is about 430 meters wide, and the water-taxis are everywhere. The river splits the town parts, known respectively as Samarinda Kota and Samarinda Seberang . One unique feature of this provincial capital is that it is probably the only one that as a forest, 212,000 hectares in size, in the center of town, more than half of which is a production forest. Citra Niaga Shops There is an attractive shopping center in Samarinda, called Arena Promosi Citra Niaga, covering an area of 2.7 hectares. Shopping at the Citra Niaga is pleasantly relaxed. The center is clean and artistically designed. There are shows and exhibitions on Saturday night on the open plaza. Sarong From Samarinda Sarongs from Samarinda are very well known throughout Indonesia. Samarinda sarongs are woven in cottage industries, and usually use high-quality silks. Tanah Merah Indah Lempake Tanah Merah Indah Lempake, 16 kilometers from the center of Samarinda, is a popular recreation park with a waterfall and playgrounds for children. There are also facilities for camping, fishing and swimming. There is also an art market where souvenirs are sold. Pampang Dayak Kenyah Village, is a transmigrated village for the Apokayan Dayak and  is located 40 km north of Samarinda, here Long Ear Dayak can be found, also Regular ceremonies are been held, for information, please feel free to contact us.
Tour Destination :   Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia Main Interest & Things to do : Cruise up the Mystic Mahakam River which is rich of Dayak Culture and exotic Flora and Fauna, with Longhouse and Dayak arts, surrounded by Jungle and Rainforest. Small Dayak Populated villages along the almost upper part of the Mahakam River, learning traditional Art and the History of the Dayak Kenyah Culture, also a jungle trek, or rainforest hikking can be done, recommended visit time is 1 or 4 days Pampang village near Samarinda is a Dayak Transmigration project for Apokayan Dayaks. Sarong traditional Weaving at Samarinda Seberang can been visited, as it is home industry. Mahakam Dayak Villages are Tanjung Isuy, Mancong, Eheng, Data Bilang, Rukun Damai, Long Apari, the Mahakam River is also the entry for a trekking to the Apokayan region or cross the Muller Mountains to the Kapuas River at West Kalimantan. Kutai National Park Reserve can be reached from Samarinda by road to the north, here Orangutans and exotic wild life and flora & fauna can be found, just at a 3 hours distance. Culture : Dayak, Javanese, Buginese and Banjarese Flora & Fauna : Low Land Rainforest Tour Starting Point :   Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Tour Transport Possibilities : by Public Bus or car from Balikpapan to Samarinda, for Mahakam River Safari Tour cruises continue by Houseboat or public ferry to Long Iram, and then by motorcanoe cruise up to the upper Mahakam River, estimated travel time to reach Upper Mahakam River is 2-3 days. Tour Ending Point : Balikpapan, also possible to Trek via the Muller Mountains to Pontianak Travel Distance to enry point : 125 Km to from Balikpapan Airport, East Kalimantan Tour Duration :  Short Get Through Visit 1 to 10 Days Grade : Usual till challenging

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