Balikpapan Travel Guide

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Le Grandeur Balikpapan

Le Grandeur Balikpapan

Balikpapan has a direct international flight from Singapore or by transit via Jakarta. On your arrival it is possible to starting the tour or takes one night stay in star hotel or in a comfortable non star hotel for your accommodation.   Northern part of the city, 15 km drive, lies Sungai Wain Protection Forest a tropical Borne-an rainforest. An oasis of biodiversity and a living laboratory, as most of Borneo’s unique mammals and many different tree species can still be found.   Samboja Lodge project, less then 1 hour from Balikpapan airport. A place of orangutan before reintroduction. You will be living amongst animal and tree sanctuaries in the middle of 2000-hectare property where already so much wildlife has returned and where there is such a variety of plants and sights that you might want to spend all your time inside the Samboja Lodge area. A river cruise along Mahakam river to the main dayak tribes on the river banks and tributaries to see their culture, attraction and longhouse. The houseboat will goes up stream during night and day. Fly to Apokayan, the highland of East Kalimantan to see the original village of Kenyah Dayak through Kayan river and rain forest. Stay at local house to witnessing their traditional life.   Experience a real jungle trekking from East to West Kalimantan or just short trekking in primary rainforest, and enjoy the adventure in Crossing Borneo.   Find a magical underwater of Borneo in east coast at Derawan Resort or Maratua Paradise Resort. The prolific reefs of Sangalaki island, the macro wonders of Samama island, the sheers walls and jellyfish lake of Kakaban island, and the green turtle provide a background for Borneo’s most diverse diving. KISWONO

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