Solo Travel Guide

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A train ride of one hour takes you from Yogyakarta to Solo. Formerly known as Surakarta, Solo used to be the capital of the Mataram kings. In many ways Solo is just as important for Javanese culture as Yogya. There are two royal Palaces here, Solo is a major centre for the Batik industry, and has many schools for dance, wayang and traditional music.

Solo is a pretty laidback city and it can be a relief to stay here for a few days. Compare it to Yogya and you find attractions and sights that are just as good but a lot less tourists to share them with.

The Jalan Slmaet Riyadi is the main street. Most accommodation is clustered around the Yos Sudarso and the A Dahlan streets. East of here is the old part of town with temples, palaces and other sights.

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