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When considering Jakarta day trips, a good day trip out of Jakarta is Bogor. The city lies about an hour’s train ride from the capital. While the city itself is neither inspiring nor beautiful, it does offer some interesting attractions.


The main attraction of Bogor is the Botanical Gardens. This is a beautiful place where you can leisurely enjoy your day, away from the chaos of Jakarta. The gardens are extensive and full of amazing flora, gazebos, fountains and an old Dutch cemetery, all very well kept. If you enjoy feeding monkeys, bring some fruit along, but don't get too close to the furry friends, as they will have no problem attacking for more food.

Near the entrance to the gardens is the Zoological Museum, which is not as nice as the Botanical Gardens, but a good and cheap way to fill up any time you have left before heading back to Jakarta. Near the gardens is also a workshop where Wayang golek puppets are made. To find it, ask for Pak Dase's place. Pak Sukarna's factory, to the southwest of the gardens, makes gamelan and Javanese gongs with traditional methods. You're welcome to buy the instruments as well as watch the process of making them.

It's possible to reach Bogor by bus, as well, and there is a small tourist information center near the southern entrance to the gardens. For lunch, head to the food complex of Bogor Permai, where you will find a variety of foods including pizza.

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