Shopping in Jakarta

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Jakarta is a popular tourist destination in Asia; it has a rich culture, great restaurants and perfect spots where you can enjoy the Jakarta shopping experience. You can find many great buys in Jakarta, from local handicrafts, artworks, antiques, clothes, jewelry and electronics. Try to visit these shopping hot spots for the greatest deals available.

Glodok Plaza

Consumer electronics are one of the best sellers anywhere in the world, and Jakarta is no exception. The best place to purchase electronics gadgets is in Glodok Plaza or the Chinatown. This Plaza has clusters of electronic stores that sell the hottest electronics gadgets at lower prices. You can find a wide array of laptops, computers, digital cameras, cell phones and more. Glodok Plaza is also known as the Managa Dua Mall and is commonly described as the Technology Bazaar.  

Plaza Senayan

If you are looking for brand-name clothing, bags, shoes and fashion accessories, Plaza Senayan is the best place to go. This ultra-modern mall is located right in the financial district of Jakarta, next to the Senayan Sports Complex. Plaza Senayan houses the Metro and Sogo Department Store including 1 Cineplex cinema. The place is open daily from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Batik Semar

Batik is a beautifully crafted piece of fabric that requires patience and creativity. Batik can be compared to American quilts, but is more meticulously made. The best place to purchase Batiks is in Batik Semar. This is one of the well established Batik manufacturers in Indonesia. They offer the best, most exquisite and one-of-a-kind Batiks around the country. Be sure to bargain to get the best price.

Sarinah and Pasaraya

For the best locally made handicrafts and art pieces, visit the Sarinah and Pasaraya Grande Department Stores. These department stores are one of the most popular shopping centers in Jakarta. Each floor is dedicated to a particular locally crafted product. You can pick up some fine jewelry, textiles, carvings, paintings, woven items, leather goods, handmade baskets and furniture here. The stores are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Surabaya Street

Antique items are very popular in Jakarta. You can find a wide range of authentic antique pieces at discounted prices in several shops. One of the best places to buy antique items is at Surabaya Street. Ideally situated in Central Jakarta, Surabaya Street is ½ mile long and is packed with antique stores and dealers. You can find grandfather clocks, silver cigarette casings, samurai swords, tribal masks, ivory miniatures and worry beads to name a few. Surabaya Street market is also considered the largest flea market in Indonesia.

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EX Plaza Indonesia

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Shopping mal with many facilities, from cinema [called EX], gym to live performance. There's a hub, connecting bridge from EX to Plaza Indonesia at the 2nd floor. Open until 3am in the weekend. Situated in the very heart of Jakarta. 

type:Shopping centers and malls
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address:MH Husni Thamrin

Plaza Senayan

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One of the city's most favourite shopping malls. There are cinema, a great variety of foods and restaurants, international and local shops, as well as designer-label boutiques.

type:Shopping centers and malls
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tel:+62 21 572 5555
address:Jalan Asia Afrika no. 8, Senayan, Jakarta 10270

Kelapa Gading Mall

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One of the best Malls in Jakarta. Located in high class area in north Jakarta, Kelapa Gading Mall offers you pleasure of shopping. You can find lots of things here. Many Branded Items, lots of food, has three cinemas, more than two video game center, has supermarket sells imported goods (food, materials, detergent, milk, etc). This mall can be reached with personal car, taxi, bajaj, ojek, angkot KWK 04 from Rawamangun bus Terminal. In this area, there is also Gading Food City which has lots of food selections. Chinese, Indonesian, Western, no problem. Near to highway access, only more..

type:Book shops
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address:Jl. Boulevard, Kelapa Gading

Senayan City

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The newest high class shopping mall in Jakarta, it is located just across the street from Plaza Senayan. There are huge variety of famous shopping boutiques and a department store, there is also a luxurious cinema and a huge variety of restaurants wether food court or individual restaurants, the atmosphere is very cozy.

type:Speciality shops
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address:Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Jakarta Selatan

Waduk Melati Shopping Centre KUKM

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New shopping place in Jakarta,shopping center handicraft around Indonesia especial from Bali handicraft,fashion handbags,jewelry,handicraft,shoes,sandals,silver,beach wear,home decoration,gallery paint,etc.
visit and meet hundreds supplier handicraft around Indonesia, 100% wholesale price
sponsor Bali Artist handicraft designer Desak Putu Suniami,Cv,Batu Cantik Bali

type:Shopping centers and malls
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address:jl,KH.Mas Mansur waduk melati

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