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Thousand Island, North Jakarta

Thousand Island, North Jakarta


Jakarta travel guide explores the attractions that the city has to offer. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The city is crowded and consists of a maze of busy streets. Jakarta has a vibrant culture and it is here that artists and thinkers meet to exchange ideas. Party lovers will enjoy the nightlife and there are plenty of venues where visitors can dance the night away. A visit to Jakarta will shed some light on both the history of the city and Indonesia. In Jakarta there is a fusion between old and new where traditional ideas meet the modern world. There is a contrast between wealth and poverty with slums set up on the outskirts of the city.


Many travelers flock to the Kota district. Taman Fatahillah is an old square made from cobble stones and many tourists are drawn to this area. The Maritime Museum is located in an old warehouse. The museum illustrates Jakarta's maritime history and exhibits include photographs and model boats. From the watchtower you can enjoy views of the ocean. There is an entrance fee. The Puppet Museum exhibits puppets from Indonesia and from other areas in Southeast Asia. Puppet shows are held at this venue. The National Museum is located in a building that dates back to the 19th century. The museum offers information on Jakarta and Indonesia's history. Exhibits include ceramics and artifacts from temples. The National Monument is 130 meters high and it is located in Independence Square.


Jakarta is easily accessible by air. Soekarno International Airport is located 20 km from Jakarta. Many hotels offer transfers from the airport but alternatively get a taxi. Check prices before you begin your journey. Shuttle buses provide a cheaper transport option and these run to Jakarta from the airport. The Gambir train Station is located in the center of Jakarta and Jatinegara Station is situated in the east of Jakarta. Buses are another easy way to travel around from city to city and there are bus terminals around the city including Rawamangun, Kampung Rambutan, Pulo Gadung and Lebak Bulus Station. There are also ferri services in Jakarta. To get around Jakarta the best options are buses, cars, bajajs or motorcycle taxis. Walking around the city may be difficult due to crowded pavements and heavy traffic.


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