Borobudur Travel Guide

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The Borobudur is a top priority for every traveler going to Indonesia. Located about 42km from Yogyakarta it is a UNESCO world heritage site and the world's largest Buddhist monument.

Borobudur, a name deriving from an expression meaning 'Mountain of accumulation of merits of the ten states of Bodhisattva' is commonly thought of as a Buddhist structure, yet its initial construction was planned and executed by Hindu builders sometime around 775AD.

The temple consists of six square bases topped by three circular ones. About 1500 narrative panels telling the story of Buddha and over 500 Buddha statues complete the site.

The site is open from 6 am to 5.15 pm.

3 km east of Borobudur you can find the Mendut Temple with a 3 meter high Buddha statue. It's nice to go walking there, but there are also irregular buses and bemo's.

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