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Fishing Valley Bogor

Fishing Valley Bogor


Introduction Brief History

As a part of West Java Province, Bogor City is the nearest territory to the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. It is about 60 km to Jakarta and 120 km to Bandung. Bogor City is known as a rainy town for the amount of rainfall is very high. Bogor city is surrounded by Mount Salak, Mount Pangrango and Mount Gede. Bogor city has many old and unique historical buildings and scientific tourism asset such as Bogor Botanical Garden. The garden is situated in between two big rivers, Ciliwung and Cisadane.

Bogor is located at 106°43’30”BT - 106°51’00”BT dan 30’30”LS – 6°41’00”LS, and at 270 metres above sea level. Known as the Rainy City that has held a World Record for the greatest number of thunderstorms in a year. Bogor receives 4000 mm of rain a year with over 200 mm falling in any one month, including May to August, although these months are usually the driest. Hence the first law of Bogor: always keep an umbrella  handy wherever you go - rain may come at any time in the afternoon or evening (even the sunsine is bright) during the dry season and all day long during the wet season. 

-After The Rain at Kujang Monument Bogor -

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Thank you for visiting us, if you need any further information about Bogor, please contact me at the address below, as a goverment officer of Bogor City, I will be very happy to help.

Heldi Yudiyatna
Government Officer of Local Planning Agency Bogor City
Kapten Muslihat no. 21 Bogor
heldi (at) bogorcity (dot) net


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