Beaches in Jakarta

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Indonesia is known for its year-round tropical climate and vast ethnic diversity, but especially for its islands. On the island of Java rests the capital city of Jakarta, and the largest city in Southeast Asia. Jakarta is more likely to bring about visions of commerce and industries than bungalows and tropical Jakarta beaches; but if you’re searching for sand don’t be discouraged by the city atmosphere. Just a few miles outside of the city you will find easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, just a speedboat ride away.

Thousand Islands

Just north off the coast of the mainland are a string of 105 islands stretching far out into the Java Sea. They’re known as “Thousand Islands” and their beaches boast some of the most pristine golden sands, crystal clear waters, and relaxing seclusion found anywhere in the world.

Kotok Island Beach

Among the Thousand Islands is one of the most famous for snorkeling and scuba diving, Kotok Island. Here you’ll encounter an island untouched by civilization. Its immaculate beaches sink into sparkling blue waters alive with colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, and underwater sea life. Excursion reservations can be made from the mainland, and the island is accessible by a short 90-minute speedboat ride from Marina Ancol Jakarta.

Putri Island Beach

Among the more prominent islands in the Thousand Island group, Putri Island has been thoroughly developed for tourism. Though they strive to maintain the natural beauty of the island, those who are looking for a more active day can visit the Island’s Tunnel Aquarium, or Terrarium. This beach maintains a balance of serenity and solitude, with the provision of necessary amenities for a successful family trip.

Pantara Island Beach

Though it’s the farthest island from the mainland of Jakarta, Pantara is worth the trip. A 2-hour speedboat ride brings you to the island that claims to have the clearest water of them all. Pantara Island is an ideal beach for scuba diving and exhibits the perfect conditions for other water sports like jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing.

With 150 islands off the coast of Jakarta there is sure to be something for everyone. There are islands for couples who want total isolation as well as islands with restaurants and shops for a more family friendly atmosphere. You’ll find beaches perfect for daylong sunbathing, basking and relaxing, as well as those rife with tropical palms, and wildlife, ideal for exploring. You can be transported for a day away from the bustling city to an untouched island oasis, experience an unforgettable trip and still be back to Jakarta in time for dinner.

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